We aim to create a nationally recognized vibrant center and partnership hub that benefits Cambridge residents while serving as a model for other communities across the United States. The unique blend of STEM and the arts that permeate program offerings will generate unprecedented opportunities for residents to engage in meaningful and creative programming that supports personal growth and the development of skills, competencies and relationships needed for success in school or college, access to high-wage jobs, and preparation for career advancement. Residents will benefit from personal and professional connections and partnerships forged at the foundry. The Foundry Consortium’s strategies for nurturing innovation with diverse stakeholders, models for participatory engagement, and reputation for sustainable efforts will provide a learning platform for others seeking to create similar spaces in their local communities.

Our vision is inspired by numerous individuals from the community who have expressed their hopes and dreams for the Foundry through support letters for our proposal to serve as the Operator.  Read some of their hopes and dreams for the Foundry.