The Foundry Consortium has been working to develop the day-to-day operational plans for the Foundry so that all who walk through its doors have a rewarding experience. We have been taking a deep dive into the more mundane issues such as the mechanics of space use requests and orientations for groups who are new space users, the movement of supplies and materials needed by program providers, and ways staff can contribute to the culture within the building so that all residents feel welcome in all spaces. Pro-bono services provided by Process Research and Optimization (PRO) have added a bit of fun and creativity to this important work. PRO consultants Michael Brennan, Hamza Alhaddad, and Alex Rodzianko have helped us create visual maps of operational processes and customers’ journeys upon entry. The maps, after a round of public input this fall, will inform the Foundry’s operational handbook. The process of developing the maps has been as valuable as the maps themselves as it has surfaced differences in assumptions in people’s minds that may not have otherwise surfaced, and this has allowed for greater clarity during these initial stages of the planning process. More information about PRO can be found at

Customer Journey Map
Future State Diagram

Draft versions of the maps are available here. More information about PRO can be found at