The Foundry Consortium’s work includes:

  • Curation of a variety of programs in STEM and the arts that meet Cambridge residents’ diverse needs.
  • Maximizing benefits to the community derived from the uses of the Foundry
  • Providing for the ongoing maintenance and physical plant operations for the estimated 50,000 square foot building (38,500 square feet of usable space) through rental fees
  • Generating funding and facilitating partnerships needed to address gaps in program offerings needed/desired by residents.

Our Goals and Objectives

Forge new and sustained connections between individuals, families, community organizations and business leaders through shared uses of space (accessible to all) and programming that fosters creativity, innovation and workforce development.

Objectives and Strategies for the Foundry
Objective 1 Increase access to opportunities for artistic expression and the enjoyment of the arts;
Objective 2 Increase access to science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) knowledge and skills required for success in school or college, access to high-wage jobs, and preparation for career advancement
Strategy #1: Create mentorship, internship, apprenticeship, workforce training, and educational programs for Cambridge residents that can directly benefit and engage the surrounding community.
Strategy #2: Include significant training opportunities in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) fields that can effectively introduce and prepare Cambridge residents for the existing and growing professional fields that have emerged in the Kendall Square area over the past several years.
Strategy #3: Capitalize on the commercial success of Kendall Square’s redevelopment to create a unique collaborative environment as a citywide resource, with a diverse mix of cultural, educational, and commercial uses emphasizing youth and senior engagement, with a particular focus on under-represented, lower income households.
Strategy #4: Support participation in Collaborative problem-solving teams that allow individuals to have a positive social impact while gaining critical work-based skills sought by local employers.
Objective 3 Increases access to knowledge and skills needed to start new businesses, develop new products or services, and to make a living wage from one’s talents or creations