The Foundry Vision and Objectives have been informed by years of community input which strive to cover the broad range of possible uses that may be undertaken at the Foundry building throughout the life of the Project. First written into the Demonstration Plan in 2015, this overarching vision and the objectives that follow still guide the project today:

The Foundry will be a creative, innovative center that offers a collaborative environment with a mix of cultural, educational, manufacturing, and commercial uses. The renovated multipurpose building will be designed for flexibility and will be accessible, inclusive, and welcoming to the public. The activities within will be multi-generational and multicultural, providing a citywide and neighborhood resource that is financially sustainable for years to come.


Innovative Programs

  • Foster a center of creativity and innovation through the shared use of space populated with complementary uses that is accessible to all.
  • Create mentorship, internship, apprenticeship, workforce training, and educational programs for Cambridge residents that can directly benefit and engage the surrounding community.
  • Include significant training opportunities in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) fields that can effectively introduce and prepare Cambridge residents for the existing and growing professional fields that have emerged in Kendall Square area over the past several years.
  • Capitalize on the commercial success of Kendall Square’s redevelopment to create a unique collaborative environment as a citywide resource, with a diverse mix of cultural, educational, and commercial uses emphasizing youth and senior engagement, with a particular focus on under-represented, lower income households.